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Arkansas's rich history is outmatched solely by the hard work and determination of its people. From childhood memories of watching calves be born, chasing kittens around the hay loft, to riding in a tractor with grandpa, Arkansas residents know how precious the important moments are. That is largely the reason they work so hard to provide for their own, and enjoy the good moments in between. So what does any of this have to do with business phone systems by Crexendo? Everything as you will soon see:

Crexendo Business Phone Systems: A Solution For Arkansas Businesses

Time managed is, well, time well managed. With hard work that often starts before the sun rises, and ends as the sun is setting, to long meeting in office settings, Arkansas diverse economy is important to the United States of America, and important to the families located in your communities. But just as important as time spent working is the time spent outside of the office or after the tractor has been powered down. Time with your families, coaching little league, or catching up with elderly residents of your local town are where the real value lies. That is why Crexendo has invested heavily in ensuring your business can continue while you take care of what really matters. But what does that mean exactly?

With double redundant servers housed in our US based office, we ensure your line of communication for your business is always up. We provide features that empower you to look bigger, leverage the size of your already existing business, and encourage mobility. From call forwarding, twinning, and even a mobile application that acts as a an extension when you are out of the country, or simply away from your office, you have the freedom to be where really matters all while managing the business that provides for your families lifestyle and well being.

But that is not the best part of what Crexendo cloud phone systems offers: cost savings is. We save on average 50% for our customers, all while ensuring they can maintain the phone numbers that, in many cases, have been in the business for generations. Imagine saving 50% on your business phone bill, all while stepping up your business's presence, improving your efficiencies, and freeing you from the tethers of a standard land line. It sounds pretty great to us. That is why we invite you to call one of our engineers today to discuss your business, your individual needs, and the next steps on automating and improving your situation. Call today, you will not regret it.

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