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Crexendo Web Interface Provides users with a unified Web screen for voicemail, inbound fax and setup of find me - follow me services. A single Web communication interface, Crexendo, allows users to graphically manage different services from a single Web portal.

Inbound Fax View inbound faxes in the Crexendo inbox as a PDF. Create custom fax rules to automatically forward certain faxes into custom folders.

Hunt Groups Delivery of incoming calls to a predefined group/list, always starting with the first member of the list and working down the list until a free member is reached. Timers may be used to determine the duration that hunt group member is alerted before migrating to the next available member.

Voicemail (Visual) Leave multiple voicemail messages for teams or individuals. Send voicemails via email as sound file attachments (.wav) to each user’s Crexendo inbox for unified messaging.

Toll-Free Number (Phone & Fax) Assign toll-free numbers to various phone devices or as the inbound fax number.

Auto Attendant Assign top-level auto-attendant menus to incoming calls based by phone number. Make your own multi-level menus. Specify various greetings using the text-to-speech engine with male or female voice options. Record special greetings for specific extensions or 10-digit numbers.

Blacklist (Inbound) Block calls from unwanted solicitors.

Rule-Based Messaging Create custom email rules to automatically send certain messages to custom folders.

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