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"I love that your data centers are based in Arizona, because my competitors out here in California are in big trouble if an earthquake hits, and I will still be up and running," was a proclamation made by one of our customers. That realization is something that rings true to many of our California businesses looking to switch to a hosted business phone systems. Economic losses of $213 billion due to shaking and fire damage to buildings, but for a business the number one loss to businesses will be the loss of utilities. Without water and power, your phone system will not work, that is unless you switch to a cloud hosted phone system with mobile connectivity.

While no one wants to see a major earth quake like the one scientists are projecting, there are many other real concerns the business owner of today should be aware of. Those operating a standard phone system would have zero connectivity in the case of a utility outage. Similarly those on a standard hosted telecom plan would be in the same boat if power or internet went down. Fortunately, Crexendo has invested in a multi-platform process to ensure full connectivity at all times. That means when you are on vacation, on the road, or in case of a severe natural disaster you can still receive phone calls directly on your cell phone, iPad, or android device via our business telephone mobile application. As you can imagine, this has a huge impact on your ability to stay in touch and reassure your clients if a natural disaster where to ever occur. All you need is an internet connection, and power on your phone.

Double and Triple Redundant Cloud Phone Servers

As our client stated earlier, our servers are housed in our custom built data center with double redundancy on data and triple redundancy on our network. That means even if one server crashed and two major network service providers went down, we would still be operational. If all power went down, our backup generator would kick in. If that backup generator failed, our second backup generator would then become operational. And part of our dedication to providing California businesses with the best hosted telecom solutions possible means we are constantly testing, upgrading, and improving every key piece of our business; from hardware to mobile development, to firmware and connectivity, your business telecommunication needs will run strong despite where you are, and what is happening.

Ease of Use: Business VOIP Made Easy

Many IT Directors and business owners fear downtime and issues involved with converting to a new system. We get that: there is real comfort in the familiar. That being said, how many of us have kicked ourselves for staying comfortable for too long and missing out big in other areas? Most if not all of us have done this. Was it shifting to an online presence too late? Was it not upgrading to mobile accessibility? Could it have been key pieces of technology specific to your business? Odds say this resonates, but this does not have to be on of those situations. Your California based business can take the next step in your evolution with the assurance Crexendo brings to the table, and the added benefit of cost savings. Find out how you can save big, call today!

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