San Francisco Telecommunications Companies Abound: But Which is Right For You?

San Francisco is a tech Mecca, and everyone knows it. So why on earth would anyone consider an organization from outside of the Silicon Valley for their business phone needs? That is a question we often get here at Crexendo. The answer is simple: We are better. The benefit of cloud communications is that location can only be an asset, not a deterrent. Imagine what would happen to locally based servers if an earthquake were to hit? One of the prime benefits of working with Crexendo is our double and triple redundant servers housed in Tempe, Arizona. This means the risks of natural disaster disrupting your telecommunication needs is drastically lowered, while still maintaining prime access to your communication systems via the cloud.

This also means maintenance costs are low, and that savings is passed on to you. With our already affordable and cost-saving cloud telephony solutions, your business will able to apply those savings to other key areas of your business allowing you to grow the way you want to. Furthermore, implementing upgrades and fixes is far easier and trouble free on a cloud network in comparison to a standard analog system. Seize those cost and productivity savings by upgrading as soon as possible. Come find out why Crexendo is trusted by many business in San Francisco. Telecom does not have to break the bank and it definitely does not have to waste your time. Call today.

Commercial Phone Systems hosted on the Cloud

Switching to cloud phone systems with Crexendo makes sense and it makes "cents". Customers with less than ten phones can see monthly phone service bills as low as $19.95 per phone line. And that is not just a standard phone, it includes our robust line of features including call waiting, caller id, hunt groups, voice mail, and much more.

Crexendo’s business phone customers can also enjoy:

  • No dial tone fees
  • Free long distance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Telecommunicate through Crexendo’s Mobile Applications

With CrexMo, you can take your business phone line with you no matter where you are. Our business connectivity application turns your phone into an extension of your cloud phone system in your office. This means anywhere you have mobile internet or wifi (think international travel) you can receive and make phone calls at no extra charge. This feature is something Crexendo clients rave about. "I was on the beach in Mexico and my clients had no idea I was out of the country," exclaimed one of our clients in a recent interview. What can mobile connectivity do for you?

Telecom Solutions You Never Have To Worry About

San Francisco never sits still. Business technologies change with the wind, but through it all, the need for communication remains the same. Your choice of telecom service provider is not a trivial one. Many companies find that the implementation of an advanced telecommunications system is extremely cost prohibitive; requiring added IT costs, not to mention the expenditures on hardware and service. Crexendo takes the stress and worry out of communication. We have some of the greatest minds in IT managing our cloud servers and some of the most supportive and knowledgeable customer service agents ready to assist you with anything you need.

Give us a call today and take your business to the next level with the leader in San Francisco telecommunications. Call Crexendo, and ride the cloud.

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