Enthusiastic Telecom Consultant providing cloud based solutions

Carol Bell is passionate about sales, family, building relationships and supporting the community. Carol has over 15 years’ experience servicing small to medium size as well as enterprise level accounts.

She is a dynamic, outgoing, knowledgeable, considerate, ethical, caring service provider. With a long track record of providing great customer service, Carol isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to accommodate the client’s needs. Carol somehow fits 24 hours into a 10-hour workday, providing solutions for today’s business owners and board members.

More on Carol…

  • Loves to help, frequent community advocate and volunteer
  • Enjoys educating clients, what is “Qos?”
  • Gets REALLY excited when able to present the solution a company has been looking for.
  • Active member in AZ Technology Council, Chandler Chamber of Commerce, ASPA, ASA, AASBO.
  • Facilitates a chapter of the Local Lunch Club in the SE Valley.

Carol’s Customer realized a 65% SAVINGS!




Award Winning Business Phone Service!

Do you really want to continue with licenses and cards, maintenance agreements and port restrictions? No easy resiliency or redundancy options? Constant headaches concerning enough phone lines or maybe too many? All this goes away when you upgrade to our business cloud communications solution. Simple and Easy.

Just to be clear, not all cloud communications providers are the same. Not by a long shot. Most of the offerings are riddled with “add-ons” until there is nothing left of the “deal” you thought you were getting. It’s the small print that you need to watch out for. Want to add a small ACD group and report on them… extra cost. Conference bridge… extra cost. No BYOB (bring your own broadband) which makes for a propriety solution and you guessed it… extra costs. Not with Crexendo.



“Carol is an absolute go-getter and a great networker. Her tenacity and perseverance prove to be some of her great qualities as a sales professional. She learns quickly and consistently performs her job duties to the best of her abilities.” – Scott Tamborski




Crexendo is the manufacturer of its product, CrexOS. We’re not at the mercy of someone else’s development ideas and time frames. What you get is a solid communications solution with a focus on business reliability and safety. Crexendo keeps your system updated monthly. No one does this like we do.


We offer all the business features you would ever want and some. Advanced features like call routing and announcements based on time and date. Business group distribution of calls through “round robin” “all ring” and ACD (longest idle gets the next call) with live reporting and monitoring. These features are included!

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When it comes to mobility Crexendo is second to no one! With a simple Android or Apple download you can make your smartphone and/or tablet into a fully functional mobile business extension. Use our CrexMo application and never give out your cell number again! Simple, Easy and Mobile!


Disaster Recovery is on the mind of all IT professionals. Crexendo offers full resiliency and redundancy through our remote, environmentally controlled, data center with redundant servers and power sources. No matter what happens to your location your communications will be up and running through just about any disaster. What a difference!


Carol is an Education Expert!


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The time is right for a hosted VoIP business phone system! Internet broadband costs are at an all time low. Paying for phone lines and premise equipment phone systems is such a waste of money. Let me help you with your own cloud communications solution today. It only takes a minute or two for a quote that could possibly save hundreds if not thousands off your current phone expenses. Call Now!

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