Colorado Business Phone Systems

Colorado, a state nestled in the Rocky Mountains and would seem to be out of touch from the rest of the United States. But if you think this, you are wrong. Named Third on CNBC's "Top States for Business for 2010", Colorado has taken the steps necessarily to ensure businesses can thrive here. With those steps, comes a common call to accept technological advances, and even pioneer them. That is why Crexendo is proudly offering Cloud Hosted business phone systems to Colorado businesses. Although many business already have a VOIP or Internet based phone solution, we are sure you will find a better solution with Crexendo, on many levels.

Why Pick Crexendo?

Crexendo not only provides one of the most extensive lists of features for business phone systems, but they do it with a cost savings. We commonly help businesses already contracted with a cloud based business phone system save money and leverage features their current provider just cannot offer. If you still have an analog, or typical landline the news gets even better. Upgrade your phones to a telephony solution that helps you avoid bulky phone servers in your office, leverage new technologies like auto-attendants and hunt groups, and even our mobile app (did we mention it lets you call internationally into the US for free?).

Still hesitant? Do not sweat it, we understand completely. We want to ensure you know every possible opportunity before switching. That is why we want you to speak with one of our friendly engineers. With decades of experience in the business phone space, they know exactly what common issues your business is likely facing. They will discuss your situation, your needs, and solutions that fit. Give us a call and let us help you save money, and leverage the technology available to skyrocket your business into the cloud. Ride the cloud with Crexendo, you will not regret it.

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