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Steve Mihaylo, CEO

Crexendo Inc., is a full-service cloud solutions provider that delivers critical voice and data technology infrastructure services to the start-up, SMB and Small Enterprise markets. Crexendo is comprised of industry-leading engineering, sales, marketing and support professionals that combine left-brain logic with right-brain creativity to design, build and deliver world-class cloud services that drive business productivity.

Crexendo is fully committed to the reliability and security of our cloud systems. Starting with a world-class, multi-redundant data center featuring the highest level of security defenses, every facet of our development is benchmarked against the maximum security and reliability standards. Crexendo has achieved Level-I security status, compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI), and CLEC licensing for our cloud web, telecommunications and network suite of services.

Crexendo’s host of cloud business solutions include:

FREE Websites: designed and built for your unique business.

Website Services: including search engine optimization (SEO), link-building, social media, and analytics/reporting.

Hosted Cloud Telecommunications Networks: Virtually networked, cloud-based telecommunications hardware and software systems.

Network and Broadband Solutions: Fast and reliable broadband data solutions.

When integrated and implemented, these services help our customers to be more productive, more flexible, and better positioned to retain financial strength. Crexendo successfully integrates the strategic and creative side of cloud technology to create a 360o solution for our customers. Our competitors say that they do the same, but we can actually prove it!

Crexendo's Cloud Business Solutions

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