Connecticut Business Phone Systems

Connecticut is a business haven. With the majority of its revenues coming from Investment and Insurance companies, Connecticut residents know money and how important it is to protect. What on earth does that have to do with Telecom, you ask? Simply put: Crexendo business phone systems can help your Connecticut business save money.

You may think your current system is fine, and your probably right: it is just fine. If you are using older analog systems (housing servers in your offices), we will help you jump ahead lightyears. If you have a cloud solution already, we are positive you will be impressed with the even further cost savings available, and most likely a myriad of new features you didn't know you could use.

Just as the advent of the personal computer changed business, cloud communications is poised to launch your business to a new level of productivity, mobility, and success. Traveling internationally is no longer a problem, as all calls can be forwarded to our CrexMo application (for Apple and Android devices) where ever you have an internet connection. Calls back in the United States are free as well. What can your business do with that level of increased mobility? No matter the size of your business, your current needs, or your industry, Crexendo can help you find solutions that save you money and empower your business.

Why Switch to Crexendo Cloud Business Phone Systems?

Aside from the reasons already stated, it simply comes down to our team. Crexendo is helmed by telecom legend Steve Mihaylo, who started developing our cloud phone systems because experience and foresight told him this was the future of the communications industry. With that experience, Steve brought a team of experienced engineers who have over 200 years of combined programming experience. Crexendo's dedication to expanding our proprietary firmware and technologies, triple redundant servers, and 24x7x365 customer support, you will always have someone standing by to help you and show you how to leverage new developments as they come in.

If you are interested in finding out how Crexendo's business phone solutions can help your Connecticut business grow, schedule a call with one of our engineers today. They will work closely with your organization to ensure you get the exact services you need, and discuss cost saving measures that can put money back into your pocket. Call today, and Ride the Cloud with Crexendo.

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