Dealer Compensation Plan

Two Ways to Earn More Revenue!

Up to 25%

of the monthly bill* paid as a Monthly Residual income for life of the contract


Average sale is $300/mo. X 25% = $75/mo. To YOU Month after month after month!

So 2 average sales per month for 1 year = an extra $1800 per month – every month!



Quick Pay first 2 months upfront and up to 18% Monthly Residual starting in third month for life of the contract **


Average sale is $300/mo. X 2 months = $600 Quick Pay to YOU upfront and 10%

Residual of $30/mo. starting month 3 through the end of the contract

Partner-Up Program:

Be sure and ask about our Partner Up Program allowing you to close your customers with the assistance of a Crexendo Senior Engineer.

Earn Fast Start Bonuses:

$125 per sale Fast Start Bonus on your first 4 sales to refund the Multi-Device Demo Kit ***


$100 per sale Fast Start Bonus to refund the price of your Demo Kit within your first 120 days ***

Earn Incentive Bonuses at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels!

* Excludes taxes and fees

** Based on a 36 month contract

*** Fast Start Bonus is not to exceed the initial cost of your Demo Kit and is only paid on sales of $300 per month and above

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