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Delaware is home to many of our countries finest banking, technological, and healthcare organizations. These companies rely on technological advances just as much as they create them. As a Delaware business, your organization's future depends on harnessing an every changing landscape of technology in order to get the most out of your industry and have the competitive edge on your competition. Fewer advances in business are as impactful as changes in the world of communication. With more and more organizations moving to the cloud for data and communication, any business still running on an analog phone system is already behind the curve. In order to catch up, moving to cloud communications via hosted telephony solutions is the right move for any Delaware business. If you are already operating on a hosted telecom system, odds are you are overpaying for less features and options that can really expand your business.

Why Choose Crexendo Business Phones?

Crexendo is an industry leader in both technology and support. With over 200 combined years of experience on our engineering team alone, telecom veteran and legend Steve Mihaylo as CEO, and white glove service 24x7x365 you can rest assured our products are the best available and any concerns you have can be resolved within moments. Providing additional support and services is a huge part of our on going promise to our customers, but the steps we take to prevent downtime, ensure operational success, and so much more supersede anything else. With triple redundant servers, on call staff, and quality checks we strive to keep your business connected so you can keep doing what you do best: your business.

Crexendo business phone systems are a no brainer for most businesses. Aside from our dedication to supporting and growing our existing systems, we are our own customers first. With our entire organization running off our own technology, we are the first to test, improve, and advance our systems. That means we recognize first hand the issues you and your organization face and can speak authoritatively on our solutions benefits and improvements for your Delaware business.

Crexendo not only provides powerful feature rich business phone systems, we also provide cost savings that have a real impact. Schedule a call today with one of our engineers. We will discuss your organization, your current needs, your plans for expansion, and determine a custom solution that works for you and your exact case. Call today, and Ride the Cloud with Crexendo.

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