Use of 911 Services

Crexendo 911 service is different from traditional 911 and cellular/wireless 911 services. When you dial 911 from your cellular or landline phone the address is sent to the local emergency center serving your location. Emergency operators have the ability to view this information in order to send help and call you back if necessary.

When you are using a Crexendo Internet device, you will be dialing 911 over the Internet and there is no fixed geographic location to be communicated to 911 operators to tell them where you are located.

When purchasing a Crexendo Internet device we require you to enter a physical 911 address where you will be using the device. During this process you will enter an address and then confirm that it is a valid address from a list registered with your local emergency center. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING THE ACCURACY OF THE ADDRESS PROVIDED. FAILURE TO ACCURATELY LIST THE ADDRESS MAY PREVENT EMERGENCY RESPONSE. It may take up to 24 hours to verify your address and activate 911 services.You should use alternate sources to dial 911 services until you can confirm that your 911 service has been activated and is accurately listed. To confirm activation of your 911 service, dial 933 from the Crexendo Internet device to hear a recorded message verifying the address registered to that device. Do not dial 911 to test your 911 service. Dialing 911 when there is no emergency may subject you to criminal penalties.

Even though you enter a valid 911 address and verify the address against the local 911 address list, and confirm the address by dialing 933, your local emergency center may not be equipped to receive, capture, or retain your Crexendo telephone number and registered address automatically. You must always be prepared to give them this information.

You may register only one location at a time per device. If you move this phone to another location you must update your address. If you do not update your location, your 911 calls may be sent to an emergency center near your old address. Any time you change the 911 address you should expect an activation delay up to 24 hours. Please be prepared to use an alternate source to dial 911 services during that time.

If you have selected a Crexendo option that enables you to utilize the same telephone number for two different devices it may be necessary to use an alternate source to contact local 911 service if the phones are not in the same physical location.

Please note that 911 service will not function in the event of an Internet or power outage or if your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or Crexendo phone service is terminated.

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