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The Sunshine State, Florida, is an amazing place. Business booms in every aspect of life, from Agriculture, to education, to government, and even tourism. When The United States thinks of beautiful beaches, and fun in the sun we think of Florida. But hidden among the tourism and bright beaches, lies something more important to the rest of the US: commerce. Florida is a safe haven for commerce and businesses know it. That is why so many organizations are run from this wonderful state. With that comes a need to expand and grow, and few things in business offer the performance optimizing improvements of business phone systems. But a standard phone system just won't cut it in today's cut throat economy: standing out will. Cloud communications is the key to future business success.

How Can Crexendo Help My Business Grow?

Crexendo is an industry leader in hosted telephone solutions. Our internet phones are perfectly suited for any business, especially those in Florida. With so many distractions and opportunities for fun mobility is important to any Florida business owner. Crexendo has developed features into our desktop business phones like twinning and call forwarding, but we have also taken it a step further: mobile applications for businesses. CrexMo (our proprietary software for Apple and Android devices) is a perfect solution for any business that needs a mobile lifestyle to survive. Turn your cell phone or tablet into an extension of your phone with CrexMo. Use it for free calls in and out of the United States anywhere you have an internet connection, including the beach, a fishing boat, or a business trip to Europe.

Aside from our mobility solutions, we have also developed solutions for call centers, hunt groups, auto attendants, and much more. Our triple redundant severs are backed up and refreshed regularly to ensure minimal downtime in the event of a natural disaster. And housing those servers outside of Florida means in the even of a natural disaster in Florida your phones will still be up and running as long as you have access to an internet connection. Pair all of that with our 24x7x365 white glove service, and you will always have someone to answer your questions, provide you with next steps and solutions, and continue doing what you do best: run your business.

If you want to see how Crexendo business phone systems can help your Florida organization cut costs (often over 50%) and leverage powerful features that provide a competitive edge, call Crexendo. One of our expertly trained engineers will guide you through the process, answer your questions, and pair you with a solutions that not only meets your companies' needs now, but those of your immediate and planned futures. Call today and Ride the Cloud with Crexendo.

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