Hawaii Hosted Business Phone Systems

Hawaii may be the newest state in the Union, but they are admired by everyone for their culture, gorgeous scenery, and amazing exports. The Hawaiian economy is largely based on tourism, which means a growing need for technological advancements. Crexendo proudly offers our suite of cloud services to better help Hawaiian business grow, starting with our hosted business phone systems.

What Makes Hosted Business Phone Systems Better?

With the advent of the Internet, wired communication is no longer necessary. The power of internet telephony is incredibly diverse, and more cost effective. Often, we are able to help businesses save up to 55% on their current phone expenses, while upgrading their systems with better features. If your business is running an analog telecom system, you need to upgrade. proprietary firmware and systems in our business phones are a perfect solution to upgrade your Hawaii offices. Whether you are a hotel chain, a local small business, or an agricultural center, cloud phone systems can benefit you.

With a constantly growing suite of features, double and triple redundant servers, and 24/7/365 white glove support, you no longer have to worry about outages taking your systems down, painful customer support calls, or costly upgrades. If mobility is a need for you, you can use our CrexMo application or our twinning feature to take your calls on the road. Get service and stay connected anywhere you have an internet connection. Travel internationally? Use CrexMO to make and receive calls from the United States over your internet connection for free. Now that is the power of cloud communcations. Upgrade your Hawaii business phone systems today. Call Crexendo, and ride the cloud with us. You won't regret it.

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