Idaho Hosted Business Phone Systems

Idaho, the land of the potato, or so everyone else thinks. The truth is, Idaho is an agricultural giant for far more than just the spuds everyone enjoys on a daily basis. Idaho is a land of opportunity, hard work, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. With generations of hard work, pride of self, and industrial growth, Idaho business know the power of accepting new technology. From the use of gas powered tractors to till the earth, to marketing themselves online, Idaho accepts and uses technology to better its businesses. That is why Crexendo loves Idaho businesses. We proudly offer our suite of hosted business phone systems and solutions to Idaho businesses, and stand ready to assist you take this next technological advance to better improve your business. And yes, we mean all businesses, not just the farmers and agriculturalists.

How Can Hosted Telecom Help Me?

Communication is so important to any business. From speaking with distribution, transportation, clients, and future prospects, the telephone is still the quickest and most powerful way to reach the vital people involved in your organization. But the telephone has been around for over a hundred years, and that means technology is advancing just like every other technology industry. Hosted and Cloud based business telephone systems are the way of the future. Leveraging the Internet and its massive capabilities means cheaper systems, quicker updates and problem shooting, and less down time. If you have an Internet connection, you can benefit from the power of cloud communications.

On average we save our clients 55% off their monthly phone bills. What could you do with that extra money? Invest it in further technologies, equipment, or even put it back in your profit account? No matter what you could use that income for, it is sitting right in front of you waiting for you to take it. But cost savings, and technological advances are not all you get with Crexendo Business Phone Systems, you also get more. More means more. More features, more redundancies to further protect your vital communication needs, and more freedom and mobility. Let's discuss those individually:

More Features

Our proprietary firmware and systems mean we can quickly update and improve our systems without having to come to your office. It means we can develop and improve those systems to provide our clients, like Idaho businesses, with advanced features as the become available, and even develop them for your specific needs. What used to take years of R&D, coupled with costly intrusions into business offices to make upgrades, or additional training for an IT director, can be done with the push of a button.


With three T1 internet lines feeding directly into our offices, two back up generators (tested monthly), and double redundant servers our data center is world-class. That means no matter what is happening, we can keep our clients connected (a feature many of our clients in disaster friendly areas love). That means security, higher quality phone calls, and less down time for all of our clients.

Freedom and Mobility

Freedom and mobility means you aren't tied down where your phone is. It means the ability to be out working, delivering goods, or staying connected while you are out traveling. From twinning (a feature of our phone systems) to our mobile app, CrexMo, you can take your calls on the go. Do you travel internationally? Great, with CrexMo you can make and receive phone calls from the United States without paying any fees, all you need is an internet connection.

The truth is, now is the best time to upgrade your phone systems to the cloud. Crexendo makes it easy. Call today and speak with one of our talented engineers and get the most out of your business phone systems. Ride the cloud, you won't regret it.

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