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Iowa is a gem hidden in the Central United States. Rated sixth best state to do business in 2010, and number one for "cost of doing business" by CNBC, Iowa knows what it is doing. With huge amounts of manufacturing and agriculture, technology plays a huge role in helping businesses grow in Iowa. Crexendo's hosted telecom solutions are a perfect example of how Iowa businesses can continue to improve their organizations, and cut costs at the same time.

Imagine this scenario: You are walking down the street toward your favorite restaurant. As you get to the door you notice directly across the street is a new restaurant, offering the same type of food you love so dearly. "What the heck?", you think and mosey across the intersection to the spiffy new restaurant. As you enter the front doors, senses are enlivened with the smells of the fresh food cooking int he kitchen, the perfectly placed furniture, the beautiful aesthetics, and the sounds of clean music.

As you take a seat, a bright eyed young woman takes your order, you are here for one thing, and one thing only: to try the exact food your favorite restaurant offers in order to compare them. She thanks you, and quickly moves away. Before you have time to pull your phone out of your pocket to check your social network of choice, she is back with the food you ordered. "What's this?", you wonder. It must have been prepared before you got here. There is no way this could be as good as your favorite restaurant's version, but you decide to try it again. As you take your first bite your mouth explodes with flavors. Your pallet is alive for the fist time in your life, and it is if every meal you have had up until this point has been bland and disappointing.

You take another bite and another until it is all gone and on queue your waitress approaches with the check. You gulp as you realize you did not check the price in your haste. You crack it open and to your astonishment your food was almost half the price of your normal establishment. You summon the waitress, and she assures you it is correct, and that the price will not change. You happily pay, and never look back at the restaurant you so fondly patronized for years.

A little embelished, but you get the point. Often times we are so happy with what we have always done that we never give something new a chance. Similarly, if you could improve the quality of service, the features you have, and cut costs at the same time, why wouldn't you switch to a hosted telecom solution for your Iowa business phone system needs? The answer is, there is no good reason.

Call Crexendo today and speak with one of our seasoned, and professional engineers. They will happily discuss your individual needs (no two companies are the same and we know that) and pair you with a solution that will best fit your situation now, and that to come. Ride the Cloud with Crexendo, you won't forget it.

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