Kentucky Business Phone Systems

Kentucky, The Bluegrass State, is famous for horses and tobacco, but the lush green countryside is out shadowed by only one thing: the Kentucky business. For generations, Kentuckians have proudly led our country in many forms of commerce. From agriculture to technology, Kentucky businesses know how to thrive. Crexendo knows this, and we proudly offer our hosted telecom solutions to help continue the strong legacy Kentucky already proudly owns.

Communication is key, and there is still no quicker way to reach someone than dialing up a client's phone and having a conversation. But what many business owners do not realize, is how far technology has come to improve the quality and functionality of the phone system. Crexendo's hosted telecom solutions are designed with the twenty-first century business owner in mind. We understand that your needs have changed just as our country has changed over the last two hundred years, and we strive to keep it that way.

Why Switch to Crexendo for my Business Phone System?

Crexendo is dedicated to providing the newest and most powerful suite of telecom features on the market. We often develop new features based on our clients' unique needs, and thus improve our overall foundation. With technology protecting our phone systems, double redundant servers housed in a state of the art server room, driving our initiatives, and improving our own communication needs, we are the company perfect for your Kentucky business. If you are using an older analog system, your life just got a lot better. Forget expensive maintenance, the pain of training staff members, and the outrageous costs associated with maintaining a phone system. Cloud communications reduces costs, eliminates maintenance, and eases the burden of technology. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

When you can, you will speak with one of our friendly engineers, who can help discuss your specific needs and how we can help resolve the thorns in your side. From there we will implement a solution that upgrades your current system, and train you and your staff on the robust feature set already available. Have specific needs that we do not currently have in place? That is completely fine. Our Engineering team (with over 200 years combined experience) can consult with you to find or build a feature set you need to better improve your Kentucky business. And the best news of all: we often save our clients over 50% on their current business phone expenses.

Ride the cloud with Crexendo. The future is waiting, take the step you know you need.

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