Louisiana Hosted Telecom Phone Systems

Louisiana is a special place. A land dedicated to its culture, good eats, and caring for their neighbors. Despite all this state has been through in the last decade, Louisiana is a testament to hard work and compassion. With the return of economic success in Louisiana, comes an even greater need for technological advancement. With Crexendo you get the very best telecom services with our hosted business phone systems.

While you may have spent your days focusing on traditional ways of growing your business, your competitors have not; they have been focusing on building an infrustructure that will help them garner success in ways you may not realize are available. Communication is key in any business. You need to speak with your suppliers, your clients, your employees, and distribution. While business phone systems may not be the most appealing thing to talk about, the truth is every business needs it, and a properly updated telecommunications service can also help you improve productivity. Crexendo's hosted telecom solutions provide a suite of feature and benefits unseen by standard phone companies, because we unleash the power of the cloud.

How Can Cloud Telecom Help My Louisiana Business?

The internet is one of the most powerful tools created in the last thirty years. By switching to the cloud and leveraging the internet and its vast resources we are able to significantly cut down on the costs associated with a typical business phone system. Furthermore, we eliminate in office updates because any and all improvements and patches can be sent directly to your phones after business hours. With your phone system being connected to the information super highway, we can also leverage mobility features like twinning and even the use of our mobile application, CrexMo. Those two features alone mean you are no longer tethered to your office, even if you received a call there. You can get back on the road, or stay out there, and your clients will never know the difference.

The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to switching to Crexendo, and that list gets bigger every day. Our in house team of engineers are constantly working to improve our systems, provide powerful new feature sets based on customer needs and feedback, and test them on our own network. You see, here at Crexendo we practice what we preach. We use our phone systems for our own business, something many others would not dare do. We believe in our hosted business phone system solutions that much.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an analog system, or even if you are on a competitor's cloud phone system right now, you are most likely paying too much for too little. Call Crexendo and speak with one of our expert engineers to get a solution that fits you. This is not a cookie cutter one size fits all world and we know it. Get a solution that fits you, your Louisiana business, and your budget. Ride the Cloud with Crexendo, we look forward to working with you.

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