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While Maine seems distant to most of the Western United States, Maine businesses provide so much to the rest of us. From agricultural exports to lumber and service oriented business, Maine is a powerhouse. One of the things Maine knows very well is the importance of communication. For far too long businesses have had to settle for less than standard business phone services, and with the power of Cloud Communications, there is so much more to offer any business. Crexendo business phone systems are a perfect match for any business, but especially those in need of mobility and an edge on their competition.

If you are using a standard analog system, you know the frustration and expense that comes from maintaining outdated hardware. If you are on a cloud solution you know the power of leveraging the internet to boost your business. But even you may have experienced issues with an inferior hosted telecom solution. Crexendo has been leading the new wave of call quality, service, and feature generation in the telecom space, and we are proud to offer those services to your Maine businesses. Regardless of what type of phone system your Maine business is running on right now, we can help.

How Exactly can Crexendo help my Maine Business?

Analog systems are expensive to maintain, and on going training is a hassle. Cloud phone systems eliminate those completely. Our systems can typically be plugged into a high-speed internet connection and be serviceable immediately. The majority of the work can now be handled in our home office, working remotely with your staff. In the case of a larger business our staff can come out and ensure your transition is seamless and (more importantly) painless. After that, all support can also be managed through the cloud with updates passed through the internet, and diagnostics run without having to send a rep to service your location. Imagine how much easier switching to the cloud is going to be for your business.

If you currently operate a cloud business phone system, or hosted telecom solution, you already know the power of the internet, but you have probably experienced some issues with lagging phone calls, glitches, and other errors. If you haven't, congratulations you are already experiencing some powerful uses of internet telephony. Either way, our double redundant servers are backed with three T1 internet lines to keep our servers running no matter what outages an ISP may face. That keeps your phones up, while your competition may be down. Furthermore, we are most likely cheaper than the solution you are currently using. That is right, we often save our clients over 55% off their current phone bill. Could you use that extra cash in your pocket?

Regardless of your situation, Crexendo can help. With our suite of features that grows everyday, mobility solutions like our CrexMo app (allowing unlimited free calls into the United States through a WiFI or internet connection) and 24/7/365 white glove support, your Maine business can benefit from a cloud business phone system. Call Crexendo today and speak with one of our talented engineers about your situation. We can help pair you with a solution that fits your needs now, and plan for the future of your business. Ride the Cloud with Crexendo, we look forward to working with you.

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