Maryland Business Phone Systems

Few states in the Union have as rich a history as Maryland. With that tradition comes a pride of commerce that is carried by Maryland businesses and their owners. While tradition is important, often times technology and advancement get sacrificed to the past. Business phone systems may be one of those things. The good news is, the Crexendo's cloud communication solutions can jumpstart your business without sacrificing the values that built it, and save you money in the process.

Whether you are currently running an anlog system (or a land line) or you have already upgraded to a cloud business phone solution, most likely you can benefit from upgrading to the Cloud with Crexendo. Our suite of features is improved daily as we listen to client feedback and learn what your industry needs. We have offerings for call centers, international business travel, mobile phone applications, and the good old standards like call waiting, conferencing, twinning (transfer your call to another phone so you aren't locked to your desk) and much more. But more than features we have a variety of benefits from which you and your organization can most likely benefit from:

  • Increased Mobility
  • Cost Savings Up To 55%
  • 24/7/365 White Glove Customer Support
  • Online Support
  • Advanced Features
  • State of the Art Data Storage
  • Double Redundancies

No matter your situation, we have a solution that can help. Small business? No problem. Medium sized business? Perfect. Enterprise level? Our bread and butter. Call Crexendo and speak with one of our talented engineers today. We will help discover a solution that fits you and your organizations individual needs. Migrating to the cloud is one of the best decisions any business can make. Take advantage of technology, maintain your legacy. Maryland businesses will love the power of the Cloud. Business phone systems do not have to tie you down. Unleash the power of cloud communications. Ride the Cloud with Crexendo.

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