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Michigan is a special gem in the United States of America. With its waterfronts on the Great Lakes, its incredible history, and its affinity for commerce, there is little wonder as to why Michigan businesses are well known across the United States(not to mention so many people love to visit and live in this great state). Michigan has always been quick to accept and adopt new technologies, that is why Crexendo proudly offers its hosted telecom services to the Great Lakes state. Our suite of business phone systems is perfect for you and your organization, and we can prove it.

Why Choose Crexendo For Your Michigan Business Phone Needs?

The differences between standard analog phone systems and cloud based business phone systems are many. Many IT professionals have disliked older analog systems for decades because of their cost of upkeep, cost of training when they lose their administrator, and the host of technical issues that come with them. Business phone systems in the cloud are a perfect solutions for any Michigan business because they have the redundancies and cost efficiencies an older system is incapable of providing. Coupling the technical benefits, the features sets on a cloud based business phone are enormously greater than a standard phone. Here are just a few for you to consider:

  • Hunt Groups
  • 10-Party Conference Bridge
  • Company Directories
  • Auto Attendants
  • Find Me/Follow Me Capabilities
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Remote Teleworker
  • Call Logs
  • Record A Call
  • And Much More.

When you compare apples to apples, Crexendo is just better. But on top of all of that, there is a cost savings that comes with it. We save up to 55% on our customer's monthly business phone expenses. What could your company do with that extra cost savings? Now add to that an increase in employee effectiveness and overall leaps in your organizations efficiencies. Crexendo has a solutions that is right for you. Let us help you find it.

Call Crexendo Today

Crexendo just makes sense. Call today and speak with one of our talented engineers to discuss your Michigan organization's needs. We will look at what you need now, and your future plans for growth to help us identify a solution that is perfect for you. If you are already using a hosted telecom solution, we are most likely still able to provide a better service at a cheaper monthly rate. Call Crexendo today.

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