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The Internet has done tremendous things for the world in terms of technological advancements, improvements to quality of life throughout the world, and even more importantly: improvements to the business sector. Cloud computing has made the world a more functional place. Data backups, mobility, and file transferring have improved the way any business works for the better, but one aspect of business is often overlooked: cloud communications.

Missouri is an incredible state with a vast set of resources for business around the world. One aspect of survival for any business, especially states that are spread apart like Missouri, is the proper use of communications. Few technological advancements in the last two hundred years have, and continue to have, the impact of the telephone. For a business, phone services are an important aspect of every day life. From communicating with clients to placing orders with distributors, business phone systems are an important part of your Missouri organization. With cloud communications from Crexendo, you can have your cake and eat it too. Stop spending a fortune on your phone service and switch to Crexendo today.

Crexendo as a Business Phone System Provider

Crexendo has a combined 200 years experience in the world of telecommunications engineering. That means we are able to provide better service at cheaper rates to Missouri businesses. On average our clients save 55% on their monthly business phone expenses. Furthermore, we are able to provide a suite of features that will help your business grow in productivity. If you are a small business, features like auto attendants and our CrexMo mobile application can help grow your client's confidence in your organization, as a larger organization our features can help provide a cleaner and easier experience as your clients navigate your organization. With features being added all the time, you really can get more form your business phone service and at a lower cost.

Crexendo is a perfect partner for you business communication needs. With triple redundant servers we can provide uptimes our competitors simple cannot promise. With an experience staff of support representatives, you can contact us 24/7/365 to troubleshoot any concerns or issues you might have. And with a team of engineers as experienced as ours, when you call in you are guaranteed to find a solution that fits your needs not only now, but for your future as well. Call Crexendo today and take advantage of the cost-savings, and benefits of the cloud.

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