Instructions for your Crexendo MP3 Player

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Use

What kind of files can I put on the mp3 player?

As the name of the product suggests, this player will only play files that are in mp3 format.

How many MBs does this hold and how many songs can I put on the mp3 player?

The capacity of the mp3 player is 128 MB. Since most songs are, on average, 3-5 MB in size, you can put between 25 and 40 songs on the player at any given time.

Can I upgrade the storage to handle more songs?

Yes, your MP3 player uses a standard Micro SD card so if you put in a higher capacity card, you can increase the storage capacity

How long does it need to charge?

The first time that you use this product, you will need to charge it for five (5) hours. The computer does need to be on while it is charging. After the first time, you will be able to use it once the red light that indicates that it is charging has stopped flashing.

How long will it stayed charged before the battery runs out?

If you play the mp3 player continuously, it will play for approximately four (4) hours.

What voltage is the battery?

The working voltage is 3.7V. The charging voltage is 4.2V.

How do I tell if its chargin and when its done charging

When it is connected and charging, a red light will appear on the mp3 player and start flashing. After the first time that it is charged, you will know that it is ready for use when the red light stops flashing and is a steady red.

My computer wont recognize it. Now What?

If your computer does not recognize it, you may want to restart the computer with the mp3 player still connected. The computer should be able to then recognize it. If it does not and you have another USB cable that will work with the mp3 player, you should test it with the other cable to see if the trouble lies with the USB cable rather than the mp3 player. You may also want to try connecting the mp3 player to another computer. If none of these work, our mp3 player support rep is always willing to help.

I can't hear my music. Is my mp3 player broken?

This is a common problem and many times, it will be caused by the type of file. If the songs on your mp3 player are not audible, you may have them in a different file format than what is acceptable. You also may want to check that your earphones are working by using them on something else, such as a computer or CD player.

My mp3 player is plugged in and charging. Do I need the power switch on or off?

Whether or not you have the power switch on does not affect the ability to charge the mp3 player.

Mp3 Files

Where can I get free mp3s?

There are two websites that we commonly refer people to. One is, where they have a section for Free Music. You can click on the mp3 button next to many songs and download those onto your computer. If you like audio books, is an on-line archive of books recorded by volunteers. Both of these are completely free. You may also want to Google “free mp3 downloads.”

How can I find out if my files are in mp3 format?

You can determine this by right-clicking on the song file, selecting “Properties” and looking at the “Type of File.” The correct file will say “Mp3,” “Mp3 file” or “Mpeg Level-3.” If it says anything else, you will need to convert the songs into the correct format.

How can I turn my non-mp3 files into mp3s?

There are several options open to you, but a program called Switch is completely free and easy to use. It can be found at You would need to download it onto your computer and install it, but it will allow you to Add File(s) or Add Folder. Once you have selected the music which you wish to convert, you can click on the arrow marked Convert in the right-hand lower corner and it will do the work for you.

How can I download/transfer songs onto my mp3 player?

Once you have your files in mp3 format, you can transfer them onto your mp3 player by one of two methods:

  • Right-click on the song which you would like to place on your mp3 player. Select “Send to:” and then your mp3 player.
  • Open your mp3 player folder and the folder where you have saved your music. Click on one of the songs and drag it from one folder to the other.
Both of these steps will transfer music to your mp3 player.

How do I delete songs to make room for new ones?

You can right-click on the unwanted song and select “Delete.” Alternately, you can drag the file into your Recycle Bin.

Mp3 Player

What is the hold button for?

On a cell phone, there is often a Lock Keypad function so that if you accidentally bump the keypad against something, it will not accidentally dial a number. The hold button functions much in the same way. When it is switched to the right, you cannot use the controls on the front of the mp3 player.

I turned my mp3 player on and nothing happened. What now?

Do not panic. If your mp3 player is charged and ready for use, you need to press Play for 2 seconds and then press play twice. A green light will appear. If it does not, make sure that you have charged it fully.


is this Mac-compatible

Yes, this mp3 player is compatible with Mac OS-X operating systems.

I keep getting a Cyclic Redundancy Check error. Whats wrong with my mp3 player?

A CRC error commonly comes on when the file that you are trying to transfer onto your mp3 player is corrupted or incomplete in some way. If you see this, you may want to re-download or re-convert the file which you are trying to transfer.

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