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Agriculture. A cornerstone of Nebraska's economy, and a cornerstone of the economy of The United States of America. Nebraska thrives off of business, and advancements in agricultural technology have paved the way for even better profits. Technology continues to advance other aspects of business. Developments in Internet technologies have transformed the way the modern business works. Cloud computing has made it possible for quick data transfer, conferencing, and data backups. One aspect of the cloud that is often overlooked is cloud communications, and business phone systems in the cloud can work wonders for Nebraska businesses.

Crexendo is a publicly traded corporation dedicated to providing the very best cloud communication tools to business across the United States of America and Canada. Nebraska businesses often benefit from switching to Crexendo for their business phone needs: cost-savings and improvements to technology. These two aspects are important as switching from an analog phone system, or even a hosted telecom provider can benefit your organization immensely.

Crexendo as a Cloud Business Phone Partner

On average our clients save 55% on their monthly phone expenses. What would that mean to you and your organization? With a team of engineers who have accrued over 200 years of combined engineering experience, you are getting the very best feature sets and updates available in the market place. Those features improve mobility, client interaction, and employee productivity. In addition to providing our clients with features available at the time of on boarding, we also regularly update and improve our systems, all of which can be pushed directly to your phones without the need of an in office service call. As we develop new feature sets for new customers, our features and capabilities grow, meaning you are able to get more from your business phone provider than a standard analog system.

Partnering with Crexendo is smart. Leverage technology for your Nebraska business, and see greater productivity. Call one of our engineers now and discover a solution that fits exactly what you need.

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