Nevada Hosted Business Phone Systems

Nevada is home to many incredible attractions, from Las Vegas to the mystical Area 51, but one staple to Nevada is the powerful business empires spreading across the state. Industries like entertainment, restaurants, and outdoor adventures, communication is key. The ability to make and receive phone calls to and from clients is a necessity, but not one that has to cost you an arm and a leg. Crexendo's cloud business phone systems are a perfect solution to your business phone needs.

Crexendo's Business Phones: Perfect for You

Whether you own a small business, a local chain of businesses, or an international organization, Crexendo has solutions that will work for you. Our cloud communication systems are operating in businesses with hundreds of units, and small "ma and pa" type shops with a single phone. No matter the size of the business, our team of engineers expertly help consult businesses like yours, configure and setup your new phone systems, and support you after your transition. All while improving your functionality and available features, and cutting costs.

On average our customers save over 55% on their business phone systems by switching to our hosted telecom solutions. Nevada businesses are no different, and anywhere there is a high speed internet connection, your business can cut costs while upgrading to feature sets previously only available to Fortune 500 companies; and these come preloaded on our phone systems for all of our clients. Furthermore, we are constantly refining, updating and improving our business phones so that Nevada businesses like yours can get the finest resources available to boost productivity, profitability, effectiveness, and efficiency. Crexendo's goal is to help you accomplish that.

Can You Afford to Pay More For Less In Your Business?

Aside from paying a lower monthly rate on your business phone expenses, you can take your businesses productivity to the next level with features like call twinning, our CrexMo mobile application (for Android and Apple devices), hunt groups, auto attendants, and call recording. You can dial in your sales calls, you can truck client productivity, you can provide an easier way for your clients to navigate your business phone directory, and you can stay connected on the road and even internationally with Crexendo.

Join Crexendo today and make the very most of your business communication needs. Our team of qualified and talented engineers are at the ready to help discuss a business phone solution that meets your current and future needs, and can help provide cost savings analysis almost immediately. Gain more and put money back in your pockets with Crexendo today.

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