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New York. The word itself is enough to spark images of giant buildings, advertisements, the arts, and especially business. From 5th Avenue to Wall Street, New York is a modern day titan of industry and not just in New York City. Regardless of what part of the state you live in, you need communication to thrive. Crexendo business phone systems are a perfect match for the busy lifestyle of New York. Your business can benefit from the advanced features of cloud communications. Those benefits expand from many areas like increased functionality, data backups to prevent outages, and cost savings. No matter what size your business is, from enterprise level accounts to a small business, productivity and effectiveness improvements are just around the corner with Crexendo.

Crexendo Can Boost Your New York Telecommunications

Crexendo's team of engineers have more than two hundred years of telecom experience between them. That level of intimate knowledge and understand of the communications industry make it possible for us to drive innovation and performance in our systems for less money. Led by industry pioneer, Steve Mihaylo, Crexendo is helmed by a man known for improving systems, incredible detail to customer support, and a passion for technological advancement.

Our systems are housed in a triple redundant data center in our home office. That means no matter what happens, your system can be up and running during some of the most intense issues a business may face. That promise helps our customer base know that they do not have to worry about phone lines going down, or other technical issues. If you do have a technical issue, our 24/7/365 white glove service is on standby to support you and help you overcome any concerns you might have. That is why we are constantly rated one of the highest telecommunications companies in the country, and have achieved top honors for the last several years running.

On top of our attention to technical detail, Crexendo provides a cost savings to the majority of our clients. Typically 55% or more, we can help your organization add back to your bottom line while taking advantage of greater advancements in mobility and software development. Our rich feature set is perfectly designed to help you improve your technical infrastructure. Hosted telecommunications help your New York business function better, regardless of your size. Features like hunt groups, auto attendants, twinning and a mobile application that provides mobility unparalleled by anyone in the industry are all designed and setup to help you achieve more with the limited number of hours in your day.

Switching to Crexendo Makes Sense for Your New York Business Phone Needs

Crexendo can help your business achieve an even greater level of success. Your ability to reach and be reached by your clients will improve. Your presentation to your client base will become more professional and easier to navigate. Your employees effectiveness and efficiency will jump leaps and bounds. You can add back to your bottom line. Call Crexendo today and speak with one of our expert engineers to discuss a solution that meets your individual needs. Our success is your success. Our ability to grow is your ability to grow. Take your New York business to new heights with hosted telecommunications for business by Crexendo.

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