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Oklahoma has a rich history full of diverse culture and a focus on industry. From the cattle runs of the late 1800's to the current agricultural industry dominating the Sooner state, hard work and integrity have been important at every step along this great state's path. As times have changed, so has technology and although this state has been at the forefront of many of the greatest accomplishments in human technology (from things as simple as the parking meter to the invention of the elevator) Oklahoma has lacked in one vital area: Telecommunications. Business phone systems are important to any business, but especially in a state as vast and spread apart as Oklahoma is. That is why switching away from a standard business phone line to a cloud based phone system makes sense.

Why Switch to Crexendo for My Business Phone Service?

Crexendo is not just another phone company focused on spreading as far and wide as possible. Crexendo, a publicly traded company (NYSE:EXE) has been in business for fifteen years. During that time we have been adapting our business around the power of the internet and the incredible opportunities available through the information super highway. With an engineering team that has over two hundred years combined experience in the telecom space, we are capable of looking at the past and moving forward into the future as we make changes to our infrastructure and systems.

A key part of our business plan is working with clients to identify current and future needs based on their personal business objectives. That means as clients come on board we can help pair them with the features they are looking for, develop a strategy to implement those features, and identify additional features they may need help developing. From that point we begin the process of implementation which as quick and painless and helps get our clients up and running almost immediately.

The last step is our favorite: Cost savings. By switching from an analog system, and often times from a competitor in the cloud phone system space, we are able to save our clients 55% on average from their current monthly telecom expenses. What could be better than saving money every month and increasing your productivity, efficiencies, and effectiveness when it comes to communicating with and finding new clients? We love this part of our business and we are sure you are going to like it too.

Why Switch to Cloud Telecommunications?

Aside from the cost savings, we also offer features that can improve your ability to conduct business in Oklahoma. A huge part of that is mobility. With features like call twinning (which allows you to shift phone calls form your office to your cell phone without disconnecting) to our CrexMo mobile application for Apple and Android devices, mobility is no longer an issue. You can take and make calls from the application and even travel internationally without your clients ever knowing the difference (a client favorite for sure).

Other than mobility features, we also have incredible resources like hunt groups, auto attendants, call center functionality, digital voicemail and fax services, and much much more. Regardless of what your current situation is, we can pretty much guarantee you will get more for less with Crexendo.

So what are you waiting for? Take your Oklahoma business to the next level: Ride the Cloud with Crexendo. Call one of our friendly engineers today and schedule a discovery call. We can help identify what your current and future needs are based on the objectives you have set for your business, not what suits us best. We can often identify cost savings on that inital call, but either way we will work to ensure this is the best move for you and your situation. Call Crexendo today, you won't regret it.

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