Forgot Password

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email: (
  3. Click “Forgot Password”
  4. Click “Send” (an temporary password will be sent to your email)
  5. Once you receive that email, go back to the “login” website and enter the temp password.
  6. Follow the steps to set new password

FTP Settings

  • FTP v7
    1. HOST:
    2. USER: License #
    3. PASSWORD: Keychain Password
    4. PORT: 990
  • FTP v4
    1. HOST:
    2. USER: License #
    3. PASSWORD: Keychain Password
    4. PORT: 21

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm

As you may know, Google has issued an update which considers the mobile usability of sites when displaying search results. To remain compliant with these new requirements you will want to configure your site so it is mobile friendly. To do this you will need to first activate the Mobile option within the web builder, then place an appropriate viewport meta tag on all your pages.

To activate the Mobile option for your site:

  1. Click "More" under "SITE" on the left
  2. Click "Mobile"
  3. Turn "Mobile Site" to on”
  4. Fill out the remaining fields on the page. Be sure to use graphics that meet the specified requirements (the Mobile Logo image should be a PNG file 320 pixels wide and 150 pixels high, etc)
  5. Further information regarding how to set up the Mobile option for the site, click here.

To place the viewport meta tag on all your pages:

  1. Click "Pages" on the left
  2. Change the dropdown menu from "View:Pages" to "View:Backgrounds"
  3. Double-click on the background you use for your pages
  4. Click "Advanced" on the right
  5. Copy and paste the following into the "Head" section:
  6. ***After both these steps are done, be sure to publish your site. You may also want to ping your site in order to have Google recognize the changes more quickly. You can do this using an online service, such as***

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