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BZZZZ. BZZZZ. BZZ- You finally wake up enough to stop the incessant trembling of your phone on your nightstand. It is three in the morning in Hong Kong, and the home office in Chicago is calling. "Hello," you stammer out. Your voice cracks, unsteady with the abrupt start of your day and you realize what time it is.

"The phones are down! We can't make any calls," the voice clamors through from the United States.

"Again? Alright, call our Telecom company's customer support, and remember to ask for Jim. He helped us out last time."

"Already did that. Jim said his hands were tied but they were working on it."

"How long?"

"Three hours," this proclamation sends a cold chill up your spine. Figures start turning in your head and those figures quickly become real dollars. This, and a plethora of other issues like this, have impeded sales, customer support, and inner departmental communication. You suppress the wall of anxiety building in your stomach and compose yourself.

"Dave I'll call them too. Stay on the line and keep me updated. It is going to be a long day today."

If this doesn't sound familiar, you are lucky. For many IT Directors, business owners, and CTO's nightmare situations like this are the reason people hesitate to move to cloud telecommunication services. The fear of losing your most valuable form of communication at crucial moments is a real fear, and a fear many people have come across. We at Crexendo recognize and understand these concerns. That is why we built the foundation of our cloud telecommunications on principles that are important to ourselves as customers first, and secondly for the rest of our clientele.

With cloud telecommunication offerings through out the United States of America and Canada, we can help you and your business avoid nightmare phone calls and get the telecommunication support you need. Furthermoe, with our mobile applications we can provide you with free calls and call forwarding internationally as well as locally through the power of the Cloud, and at a fraction of the price. Many of our customers save upwards of 50% on their monthly phone expenses by switching to Crexendo's hosted telcom solutions.

Don't hesitate, call Crexendo today for your free demo and consultation.

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