South Dakota Hosted Telecom Phone Systems

South Dakota businesses rely on communication to make industry happen. With vast distances separating agriculture and even cross-city distribution, knowing where your people and product are is vital to your success. In order to keep track of what is going where, what client needs exist, and how to manage your entire business, few things are as important as a proper business phone system. That doesn't mean you should have to pay for it like it was the most important thing however. Odds are you are spending far too much on your current analog phone system, and switching to a cloud telecommunications network can cut costs and improve your efficiencies at the same time.

Why Switch to a Cloud Phone SysteM?

There are far too many reasons to count when it comes to switching to a cloud phone system for your business over the analog system you are currently with. The short answer: Money. Crexendo typically saves their clients up to 55% on their monthly phone expenses while providing better service. Let's take a look at some of the other reasons to switch to Crexendo's hosted telecom solutions today:

  • Maintenance - Most analog phone systems require an admin to maintain the system and ensure it functions properly. Crexendo's hosted telecom solutions allow us to maintenance your phone lines directly through the internet during downtimes in your business. That means less up keep, no more costly training of employees, and rapid support if you ever need to call in.
  • Features - With the capability to engineer and program our phones to meet our clients needs, we are constantly in the process of adding additional features for you, our client. This means if we find out you need features we don't currently have, we can address those beforehand and plan out a strategy to generate the features you need. Aside from additional features access to things like hunt groups, auto attendants, and much more allow you to fully utilize features that will immediately impact your business for the better.
  • Mobility - In today's rapidly changing business environment, you have to have to be mobile. From features like call twinning built into our Crexendo phones, to use of our CrexMo mobile application for both Apple and Android devices, getting out and about while staying connected is no longer a problem. That even means free calls to and from the United States anywhere you have an internet connection, including internationally.
  • Redundancies - Many people fear using an internet phone system for their businesses because sometimes the internet is unreliable. With double redundancies of our servers, seperate t1 internet lines and multiple back up generators in place, Crexendo's state of the art data center is set to mitigate and prevent any loss in connections and ensure the maximum amount of uptime possible. On the front end we will also work with you to test and identify a proper ISP (if yours does not meet the standards necessary to run a cloud based phone system). Our strategic connections with ISPs over the United States means you can get the very best internet service available and typically at an even greater cost savings.

There are a plethora of reasons why one should switch to Crexendo from an analog phone system, but those same reasons carry over to those using a cloud phone system right now. Call one of our friendly engineers today to discuss your situation, future needs, and any further questions you might have. Come join us at Crexendo, you won't regret it.

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