1. Go to www.keychainserver.net
    2. Enter your email: (abc@123.com)
    3. Click “Forgot Password”
    4. Click “Send” (an temporary password will be sent to your email)
    5. Once you receive that email, go back to the “login” website and enter the temp password.
    6. Follow the steps to set new password


  • Licenses
    1. Click licenses on the left
    2. Click on the license you want to update
  • Domain
    1. Click domains on the left
    2. Click the + on the bottom left
    3. Follow the steps to check the domain availabilty and/or purchase
  • Profile
    1. Click profile on the left
    2. Click update to change your personal information
  • Adding your Billing Information
    1. Click Subscriptions on the left (under Billing)
    2. Double click on the Subscription you want to activate (Customer Service or Storefront Hosting)
    3. Look for “activate” and click on the X
    4. A box should pop up requesting billing info
    5. OR

    1. Click Status on the left
    2. There should be a button that says update
    3. Click update
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